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Privacy Policy

1. General Provisions

  1. Personal Information means information about an individual which can be used to identify that individual like marks, voices, images and physical characteristics, and includes one's name and identification number. (Personal information also includes any data that cannot be used to identify an individual in and of themselves but are capable of being so used when combined with other information).
  2. The olleh International Smartphone Film Festival (hereinafter, OISFF) follows Personal Information Protection Act, and laws and regulations related with personal information protection, etc.
  3. Through Privacy Policy, Festival intends to inform submitters of the purpose and method of use of their personal information as well as the measures taken to protect such personal information.
  4. Change of relevant regulations or internal management policy might be necessary for revising the Privacy Policy. The revising policy would be notified promptly through official website (http:// www.ollehfilmfestival.com).
  5. When the alienation of duty and responsibility about business might occur, separate notification would be sent by mail or email to entrants or it would be notified on the OISFF official website (www.ollehfilmfestival.com) more than 30 days.
    In case there is proper reason that contact information is incorrect or access is unavailable because of natural disaster, it must be announced to more than 2 major daily newspapers once or more. (If the submitters resident in the specific area, regional daily newspaper in the area could be substituted.)

2. Collected Personal Information Item and the Method

  1. The Festival collects only the minimum personal information necessary for processing and management of submission, selection, award ceremony and promotion.
  2. The Festival will not collect information on race, origin, legal domicile of origin, religion, political disposition, criminal records, health condition and other information likely to infringe on the fundamental rights of submitters without agreement.
  3. Collected personal information items and its purpose are like following.
    Purpose of Collecting/Using Personal Information Collected Personal Information Items
    Identification, notification delivery, processing and management of submission, submission confirmation (inquiry and verification), determination and conclusion of submission, and management of winners after festival Name of submitters, affiliation, phone number, email address, date of birth and, password
    In case of legal representative, his/her name, date of birth and phone number
    In case of group submission, group submission agreement is in need. The copy of identification of group members (7 digits of resident registration number in the back blocked)

    ※ The information above includes registered and modified information.

    ※ Finalists and award winners might be requested additional agreement of collection and usage of personal information for screening in OISFF or other festivals.

  4. The Festival can collect and use personal information without consent of submitters in following cases.
    • A. In unavoidable case for contract fulfillment with entrants.
    • B. In case there are special regulations in related statute or because of legal obligation.

3. Collection Method of Personal Information

The Festival collects personal information like following.

Completed entry form (It includes delivery of entry from IOM in other countries for Migrant Heroes Prize in Special Awards.)

4. Period of Using and Retaining of Personal Information

  1. The Festival handles the personal information during submission, selection conflict treatment period, and 12 months after submission for finalists and winners. And the Festival can retain 6 months after using period against objection or conflicts.
  2. The Festival preserves personal information for particular period, if it is in need according to the following acts; Commercial Act, Framework Act on National Taxes, Protection of Communications Secrets Act, Act on the Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc. and Use and Protection of Credit Information Act.
    Reason Objects Period
    Commercial Act Personal information which is included in commercial book and important documents about business 10 years
    Personal information which is included in sales statement or similar documents 5 years
    Framework Act on National Taxes Business book about name, resident registration number, phone number, billing address and charge payment breakdown or proof documents 5 years
    Protection of Communications Secrets Act Name, resident registration number, phone number and telecommunication records including communication start/ending time of subscriber, sending/receiving number of the other party, frequency of usage, location information of out-going base station 12 months
    ※ In case of materials related with trunk/local call services: 6 months
    Computer communications, log records of Internet, tracking data of access point 3 months
    Act on the Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc. Records about contract or withdrawal subscription 5 years
    Records about payment and supply of goods 5 years
    Records about customer complaints and dispute settlement 3 years
    Records about indication and advertising 6 months
    Use and Protection of Credit Information Act Records about collection and handling of credit information 3 years

5. How to Destroy the Personal Information

The Festival destroys all the collected personal information and information that achieved one's goal. The procedure of destruction and method is following.

  1. Procedure of Destruction
    • A. The information that user inputted for submission will be transferred to separate DB(the paper will be transferred to separate folder) after reach to the one's goal and preserved specific days and destroyed by internal policy and relate laws for personal information security reasons.
    • B. The transferred information DB will not be used for purposes other than those permitted under the applicable laws and regulations.
  2. Destruction Method
    • A. Personal information stored in electronic file types of technologies (Etc: DB) : deletion that won't be able to play
    • B. And other filing, printout, written paper, and other media for record: fragmentation or incineration

6. Entrustment of Personal Information

The Festival entrusts personal information of submitters for the 5th OISFF processing services to trustees to convenient submissions. In relation to processing of personal information, we outsource such tasks as set out below to trustees and, when executing outsourcing contracts with them, take measures necessary to ensure security in the management of personal information including following the relevant regulations & guidelines, information protection & maintenance, prohibited information provision to the third party, liability for accident and return or destruction of personal information after contract termination. Our trustees for the processing of personal information and the duties are set out below.

  1. Trustee & Description
    Company Description
    Nexbrain The 5th OISFF official website management and system maintenance
    Younghwain General management of submission and competition of the 5th OISFF, complaint and question handling by submitters

    ※ Trustees might be changed according to service change or contract period

7. User or Legal Representative's Rights and Duty

  1. Each submitter (or legal representative for minors-under 19) can access his/her personal information and its entrustment situation. Also submitter can request the information correction in case of mistake and withdraw the agreement of personal information collection, usage and provision.
  2. Submitters can request reading or modification of personal information by website, festival office visit, phone or email.
  3. It would be requested the photocopy of valid identification like registration card, passport and driver’s license in case of reading or modification of personal information, or withdrawal the agreement of personal information collection, usage and provision.
  4. In the case that a delegating person request reading or modification of personal information, or withdrawal the agreement of personal information collection, usage and provision, a letter of attorney, a certificate of personal seal impression of submitter and identification of delegating person are needed.
  5. When the information correction is requested, the Festival must take action within 10 days.
  6. When a submitter request corrections of errors to personal information etc., the errors should be corrected promptly or proper reasons for delayed error correction should be notified and the information will not be disclosed unless the measures are taken. Also, if incorrect personal information is already disclosed to third parties, the corrected information will be notified instantaneously. However, if the request for personal information is under the different laws and regulations, the information can be disclosed or used.
  7. The removed information by submitters is processed according to ‘Article 4 Period of Using and Retaining of Personal Information’

8. Protection of Personal Information for Minors

  1. The Festival urges anyone under 19 (minor) to obtain the consent of legal representative for collection, use and disclosure of personal information
  2. The Festival may request the name, phone number and other necessary information of legal representative in order to obtain his or her consent. In this case, the fact that the consent of legal representative for collection, use and disclosure of personal information is required will be explained in plain language to minors.
  3. The personal information of legal representative that is collected only to obtain the consent will not be used for any purpose other than identifying the representative and disclosed to any third parties.

9. Technical and Administrative Measure for Protection of Personal Information

In handling your personal information, we take the following technical and administrative measure for protection to ensure your personal information secure from loss, theft, leak, falsification or destruction.

[Technical Measure]

  1. Personal information is protected by secure code. When it is transmitted, it will be coded though secure server.
  2. Committee takes measures to prevent damage which may arise from computer virus by using vaccine program. The vaccine program is regularly updated. Upon sudden emergence of virus, a new vaccine developed against the virus shall be immediately provided to prevent infringement of personal information.
  3. To prevent leak of your personal information as a result of intrusion to our communication networks, such as hacking, we have installed its systems in an area access to which is restricted, operate firewall systems and intrusion detection for 24 hours a day.

[Administrative Measure]

  1. The Festival has arranged the internal policy to access to personal information and its compliance have been checked.
  2. The Festival limits the number of our employees who handle personal information to the minimum level necessary and educate them for new secure technology acquisition and duty about privacy policy continually. The persons fall under any of the following.
    • A. Persons engaging in the submission processing duty directly or indirectly on submitters
    • B. Persons engaging in the management of personal information such as the supervisor and responsible person in charge of management of personal information
    • C. Persons who inevitably treat personal information for businesses
  3. The Festival asks all members of Festival to sign the written oath for protection of information or for protection of personal information upon his/her contract, for the purpose of preventing leakage of personal information in advance, and prepares and performs on a continued basis an internal procedure to audit compliance with the Policy.
  4. The transfer of duties of the persons who treat personal information is carried out strictly on the condition that security is maintained and Mall clearly prescribes their responsibilities for any accident relating to personal information after joining and resigning from the Festival.
  5. Data processing room and resource room are restricted from visitor access.
  6. The Festival is not responsible for a submitters’ mistake or for any event arising from the basic risk of Internet. In the case of a submitter, he/she should properly manage his/her password to protect his/her personal information and be liable therefor.

10. Privacy Department & Contact Information

For purposes of protecting the submitters’ personal information and handling complaints and questions related to personal information, the Festival designates the following Personal Information Manager. You can report any complaint on privacy issues in relation to submission, to our department in charge of protection of personal information, and we will respond to your reports promptly and with sincerity.

  1. Privacy Department & Contact Information
    • A. Personal Information Director of the 5th OISFF : SHIN Hoon-joo, Senior Vice President, IMC, KT
    • B. Personal Information Manager of the 5th OISFF : HONG Jae-sang, Team Leader, IMC, KT
  2. Duty of Personal Information Manager
    • A. Establishment and enforcement of guidelines/policy/system about personal information protection
    • B. Building internal control system for prevention of personal information extrusion and abuse
    • C. Management inspection and check of guidance in the field of personal information protection
    • D. Establishment and enforcement of education planning on personal information protection
    • E. Making and revising privacy policy
    • F. Personal information infringement accident response and prevention
    • G. Other duties for personal information protection
  3. Reports or questions on the infringement of personal information may be directed to the following organizations

11. Duty to Notify Privacy Policy

  1. Notification Date of Privacy Policy: July 1, 2015
  2. Enforcement Date of Privacy Policy: July 1, 2015