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Executive Committee장 LEE Joon-ik, Director Wish, The King and the Clown

Deputy Chairman

  • Deputy Chairman BONG Man-dae, Director Playboy BONG , TV Bangja tale

  • Deputy Chairman YOON Jong-seok, Director Insufficient Evidence, 
    Marine Boy

  • Deputy Chairman CHIN Wonsuk, Director Too Tired to Die,
    Night fishing (Executive Producer )

Executive Committee

  • Executive Committee LEE Moo-young, Director Han River, Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance(scenario),Joint Security Area(scenario)

  • Executive Committee YIM Phil-sung, Director Scarlet Innocence,
    Doomsday Book,
    Hansel and Gretel,
    Antarctic Journal

  • Executive Committee LEE Wonsok, Director The Royal Tailor,  How to Use Guys with Secret Tips

    • Executive Committee HA Sung-min,
      Director of Cinematography
      Doomsday Book,
      The Beat Goes On, Marine Boy

    • Executive Committee Hwang Sue-ah, Director My Home, Laundry

    • Executive Committee KANG Dong-hun, Director Love In Basket

    • Executive Committee KIM Chan-ion, Director 24 Months Later