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The once again changing and advancing,
olleh International Smartphone Film Festival

Tearing down all the barriers of the film establishment through the power of mobile film, the olleh Smartphone Film Festival is open to anyone. With categories in media arts and feature-length film, this year we again break the boundaries of mobile film with a new competition!

Section and Awards

Section and Awards
Awards Details
Official Awards olleh Grand Prize 10,000,000KRW
Best Short under 10Min 5,000,000KRW
Best Director - Shorts under 10Min 4,000,000KRW
Jury Prize - Shorts under 10Min 3,000,000KRW
Best Extreme Short under 1Min 2,000,000KRW
Jury Prize - Extreme Shorts under 1Min 1,000,000KRW
Best Feature-length Film 5,000,000KRW
Special Awards Youth Prize (2 films) 1,000,000KRW+Smart devices (per each film)
Migrant Heroes Prize (IOM) 2,000,000KRW
Pikicast Award(Audience Award) Smart devices
Best Documentary 2,000,000KRW
Media Art Prize(AAF) 2,000,000KRW

Special Awards details

  • The Youth Prize will be awarded to a film produced by domestic minors (under 19).
  • The Migrant Heroes Prize was created in collaboration with the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in the aims of eliminating prejudice against migrants and will be presented for the best film detailing the stories of our migrant neighbors, coworker, and friends.
  • The Best Documentary will be awarded to the best nonfiction film in competitive category.
  • The Media Art Prize(AAF) was created in collaboration with Affordable Art Fair(AAF). This prize will be award to the most experimental and most creative film integrating smartphone film with other arts in any competitive category.